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Bougie Buys

Bougie Buys is a collection of handpicked "Must Have" items curated by Meg herself. Featuring a selection of products that are a bit on the bougie side and very limited in quanitity. This collection is perfect for those who desire to indulge in a little luxury every once in awhile. Meg understands these items are a bit on the higher side, which is why she will continue to work diligently to provide more affordable choices.

But every once in a while, treating yourself to a bougie item is worth it. From stunning statement jewelry and purses, that dress you just couldn’t take your eyes off of, or that statement jacket you just had to have. Bougie Buys is the perfect place to discover your next treasured possession. Browse through and treat yourself to something special in our Bougie Buys Collection!

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Silk Ikat Bougie Tote Bag - 4 Colors

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