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About Ladyluck

When I'm not chasing my five year old around or taking him to ride tractors at the farm, I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. I love me some Jesus, wife and proud supporter of a zebra-man (referee), Iker's mom, small town dweller, crossfit addict, pizza connoisseur, clothing dealer, and I'm one of those people who quote movies...constantly.

Why the name Lady Luck? Sounds silly to most, but my husband and I's anniversary is on St. Patrick's Day. Since then, we have developed this, almost weird infatuation with the holiday. (I told you it was weird!) You will find us wearing all things green, all year long. 

And there isn't much that I love more than helping women find some AMAZING clothes that they feel comfortable and yet beautiful in. Thank you for being here, shopping small, and shopping with me. 



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